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We provide services for all kind of AC’s. All our services are cost effective & we will not charge you beyond the nominal charges rates. Our well trained employees, quality & low cost of services are the reasons for our reputation in industry. With an experience of 2 years, we have 1000 happy & satisfied customer chain. We are specialized in providing services for Supply, Installation & Repair of commercial & residential air conditioning system. We understand you situation & hence, our service members will address your problem within a day of your call.



Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)


₹ 250/ Service

Exclusive of Goods and Services Tax(GST) if applicable*
   Component Checkup
   Basic Servicing
   Flexible online Booking


Starts from ₹999 / Year

Exclusive of Goods and Services Tax(GST) if applicable*
   Unlimited Servicing
   Discounted price
   Free Refrigerator service
   Washing machine service
   Flexible online Booking


Starts from ₹3500 / Year

Inclusive of Goods and Services Tax(GST) if applicable*
   Free AC Parts
   Unlimited Servicing
   Free Refrigerator service
   Washing machine service
   Flexible online Booking
Sr.No. Service Type Rate
1 Window Ac Installation 499
2 Split Ac Installation 999
3 Cassette Ac Installation 1999
4 Window AC Dismantle 299
5 Split Ac Dismantle 499
6 Cassette Ac Dismantle 999
7 Dry Service Window / Split 299
8 Wet Service Window/ Split 399
9 Jet Pump Service 499
AC Spare Parts
1 Fan Motar Repair 2000
2 AC Fan Blade 1000
3 Indoor Blower 1000
4 Window Blower 1000
5 Fan Capacitor 2-5 mfd 350
6 Fan Capacitor 10-25 mfd 600
7 Running Capacitor 850
8 PCB Repair (Non Inverter) 800
9 Copper Pipe 200
10 Stand 750
11 Remote 700
12 Swing Motor 750
13 Compressor 0.8-1 Ton 6500
14 Compressor 1.5 Ton 7000
15 Compressor 2.0 Ton 7500
16 Gas Top Up 1.0 Ton 800
17 Gas Top Up 1.5 Ton 1000
18 Gas Top Up 2.0 Ton 1200
19 Gas Charging 1.0 Ton 1200
20 Gas Charging 1.5 Ton 1500
21 Gas Charging 2.0 Ton 1800


Residential AC’s



Split Air Conditioner products offer wide versatility in solving your cooling for a single. The Indoor unit(evaporator) is mounted inside the room, enclosed in a handsome space saving cabinet. It is connected to the outdoor unit(condenser) via refrigerant lines & inter-unit wiring through a 3-1/2” opening in the wall. Since no ductwork is required, installation is simple, fast & efficient. The indoor unit has been uniquely designed to provide Whisper Quiet operation while delivering comfort throughout the room.


Beat the heat with the Air Conditioner. Designed to give you fresh clean air with absolute cooling whenever you desire, this Air Conditioner is crafted to dispel the heat. With a 5000 watt cooling capacity this Window Air Conditioner will maintain the temperature of the room.  This energy efficient machine come with a 3 star rating and a wireless remote control that allows you operate this Window Air Conditioner with absolute ease.


The cassette Air Conditioner is one of the best ceiling air conditioners in India. It offers uniform cooling even in the most irregular shaped rooms. Its installation is hassle-free since it requires no ducting. In addition to this decorative panel that is specially designed to blend into the ceiling. It comes with a compact structure and a host features like the four-speed fan and Twin Rotary Compressor.


Inverter Under-ceiling Air Conditioner to stay cool during summer and warm during winter — featuring the ultimate in energy-saving technology. The intelligent inverter feature provides the exact amount of power required to rapidly cool or heat your room, from the moment it is switched on. This enables your room to heat 4 times faster or cool 1.5 times faster than a non-inverter model.


The Indoor unit concealed Split AC is installed in the ceiling which blends with the interiors thereby giving it an unobtrusive look of central air conditioner. Its technology and aesthetical design makes it fit for large showrooms, hotels, shops, resorts, office with cubicles and rooms with low ceiling.  It is design to produce horizontal airflow to combat the problems of large rooms having odd sized cabins or half portions. The concealed split AC equipped with high quality heat exchangers that maximum cooling and reduces power consumption.


The floor-standing configuration means is easy to install and maintain. It can also be installed under high ceilings.